About Us

we are a family owned loving kennel who specialize in finding the perfect Staffordshire puppies for your family. We have been committed to raising quality staffy puppies for sale since 2010. Our puppies are raised in our home with love and affection. We don’t just produce puppies, we enjoy them

Our Mission

The mission of our Mary’s Staffordshire Puppies is to breed healthy and beautiful staffy puppies while improving this wonderful breed through our work. Our cherished kings and queens carry the best European and American lines and are either our own lovingly selected offspring or came to us from the most famous breeders.

we employ the most loving staff which on a daily-basis help provide the best care to our puppies. We together clean the rooms, feed and brush the puppies and socialize our pets. 

Our Activities

Shipping our pets

We make sure our Staffordshire puppies travel safe and healthy in the best and comfortable crates. Shipping Maltese is 100% safe .

Pet Training

We train our puppies to understand simple instructions like wait, sit and also to do what they like in every environment

Pet care

A healthy puppy is a living puppy so we always make sure we feed our pets properly with the best nutritious food

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