Health Guarantee

Mary's Staffordshires Health Assurance

Buy Staffordshire Puppy with an already confirmed health certificate from a license Veterinarian, Airline approved crate
ISO Microchip, Age-appropriate shots, Food Menu, Play toys, Blanket, collar, and leash that comes with your pet so that you can enjoy as a life time(12-15years) soulmate. Guarantee given to our Staffordshire Puppies are already verified and confirmed, so before buying our intelligent Staffordshire we always advice you to go across our Health Guarantee page so as to eliminate fear in case you wan to trade with us.

The uniqueness of a puppy is something we first understand and thats why we will do our best to give the perfect replacement to a family that has lost a puppy before looking for another.   Our Friendly Staffordshire  can live with anybody so long as it is well treated in a lovely way especially by children above 5years old.

We insist that you should carefully go through our website and confirm everything for the benefit of doubt before reaching to us about the purchase of a particular Staffy. The health of our Staffordshire is our First Priority because we believe that a healthy  puppy is a living puppy and hence we take charge to maintain a healthy living condition to our Staffordshire before selling them.  

Mary’s Staffordshire  is proud of breeding outstanding Staffy Puppies which are vaccinated according to their ages till the age where the puppy is strong to be give out to welcoming families. Our Puppies are de-wormed and vaccinated against the following diseases
-Vaccine for canine
-canine hepatitis
-Distemper and
-Rabies which are consider to be the most essential vaccines. We deliver our puppy at your address to make sure the puppy reach you in the same health condition as it left us. After delivery, we assure you that a 7days checkup will be given to you to check your puppy and incase of any scratch you don’t like due to our negligence, we will change the puppy at our own expenses, but if we are shipping, we give you 30days.

You will also sign a medical booklet contract that you will take care of the innocent Staffordshire  to its last extent. Incase of the death of your newborn Staffordshire within one year, we will need a complete check up document done by a professional veterinarian who have carry out an autopsy, showing the cause of the death. If the death is resulting from a hidden disease from birth, we assure you that we will give you another loving Staffordshire Puppy of the same quality and all the expenses inquired will rely on us on the condition that you will also present a death certificate to us.

 Always get back to us if your Staffordshire has any issues within one year of purchase as a result of inherited sickness from parents or change of behavior like mental disorder. We have devoted agents available 24/7 whom you can ask any information about the puppy’s health and what to do incase of any urgent incident. The lines are always open to educate you if you have limited ideas about this particular breed we will also help you.

The following documents and activities must be performed to help you and help us in the transaction process to complete and validate the one year guarantee after verification. All these is done for the safety of our healthy Staffordshire to be in safe hands and also for you to see the transparency of our business

-You will send us an updated medical confirmation report within 2weeks of our transaction after your puppy has been handed over to you. This medical report must be signed and stamp by a legal authorized Veterinarian showing the date, age corresponding vaccine, center of vaccination, name of veterinarian, name of puppy, sex of puppy and the name of the owner. Email us through

-A microchip must be done on you strong and sociable Staffy to have a unique identification number

-You will also have to continue the regular maintenance of vaccinating and de-worming the puppy depending on its checkup result and time table from the veterinarian.

The Above requirements must be fulfilled for you to benefits from our wellbeing assurance. If the above considerations are not done then you stand the chance to loose benefiting from our guarantee but We will only assure you that any amount given as deposit for anything will be refunded incase you change your mind for any reason.